OCD Credits

The following people and groups have provided a great deal of functionality that has contributed to the OCD project either directly or indirectly.

Jon Maxwell

Those of you who know JAM are familar with his awesome coding abilities. Jon seems to attrack technically troubled software engineers like bears to honey. Jon is resposible for the complete and awesome Netx JNLP client, as well as tons of input into other valuable parts of the entire system.

Deane Richan

Well I always feel stupid writing about myself in third person. I'm the one that started this project and am the author of most of the OCD main components: Desktop, DCF, BLX, Shell and Services. If anyone wants to write a blurb about me that I can put in this spot please send it to me ;-)

Tom Gibara

Tom is the author of the TinyXML project used by Netx for a very lightweight XML parser. JAM loves the code so enough said. Thanks Tom.

Apache Ant

Ant is the awesome XML based build tool written in Java and hosted by the Apache Group.

Apache Xerces

Xerces is the Java based XML parser hosted by the Apache Group. It is used to provide a wide range of XML functionality in the OCD Project.


A truly remarkable service, SourceForge is the best thing for software developement since CVS. If you are a company and need great distributed software project management, check out their comercial product at VASoftware. (Shameless Plug)

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