Screen Shots

The following Screen Shots provide samples of applications that can be run in the OCD Environment. Desktop Components wich are based on the Desktop Component Framework DCF and BLX are also shown.

{short description of image} Drichan's First Screen Shot of OCD 0.1 release. Running Asteroids Applet, SwingSet JNLP App, Sticky Notes, and Desktop Tiles. The Desktop Components are created using the DCF Framework
Drichan's Screen Shot of OCD 0.2 functionality. The new Master Tile is shown with embedded TileSets and a stand alone TileSet is docked on the Edge of the Screen.
{short description of image} Drichan's Screen Shot of OCD 0.3. This shot shows the Editor 0.1 Application running along with the Asteroids Applet. OCD 0.3 can now be launched from a native Windows Application that sits in the System Tray.

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