Class ServiceStarter


public class ServiceStarter
extends java.lang.Object

The ServiceStarter is an application that is designed to start a set of Services. The Shell will create a new ServiceStarter instance of the boot process and the startup process passing a URL to the construct that points the the application to start.

Often the boot.jnlp file and startup.jnlp will specify that the ServiceStarter application should be used. In this case the first argument passed to the ServiceStarter application's main method by the JNLP files should be a reference to a properties file that will list the names of Services to start.

The Properties file should have the following format:

 # List of Services to be started up
 services = SampleService1, SampleService2

 SampleService1.class =
 SampleService1.args = arg1 arg2 arg3

 SampleService2.class =
 SampleService2.args = arg1 arg2 arg3
Each Service application listed in the Properties file will be started in sequence. The next Service in line will not be started untile the main method of the previous Service has completed.

Any classes or resources that are required to start load a Service should be included in the boot or startup jnlp file that was used to start the Service Starter.

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$Revision: 1.11 $

Constructor Summary
ServiceStarter( pURL, Shell shell)
          Creates new ServiceStarter.
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
          The Main method of the Application
 void start()
          Start the ServiceStarter
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Constructor Detail


public ServiceStarter( pURL,
                      Shell shell)
               throws ParseException,
Creates new ServiceStarter.
pURL - is the url of the JNLP File that should be used to process Services
Method Detail


public void start()
Start the ServiceStarter


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
The Main method of the Application
pArgs - contains the names of the services to start