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OCD Has Now Been Replaced by the Xito POD Project. Please visit the new site at http://xito.sourceforge.net
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Netx JNLP Client

An Open Source JNLP Client

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Welcome to the OCD development site. OCD provides the ultimate Object Component Desktop for Rich Client Java Applications deployed over the Internet. OCD combines XML and Java technology to provide a very flexible net based computing environment.

To learn more about OCD read the Documentation and Architecture overview. OCD is licensed under the LGPL

Recent News

Update to OCD 0.3 Windows Launcher

A problem with the Win32 system tray launcher for OCD has been resolved. The version number has not be updated. Users can update to the fixed version by downloading the new ocd.exe application.

OCD 0.3 Released

The new Windows Native OCD launcher helps users who want to run OCD on their windows machines. Enhancements to the Shell Client framework and improved Command Manager with better support for JNLP Application Icons is also included.

Click here to launch OCD 0.3 using Web Start.
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